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10 good reasons why you should visit the French Basque Country

Actualizado: 11 dic 2020

You will eat well

The excellent Basque gastronomical products, the result of a combination of its great geographical location (between the Pyrenees and the ocean) and its well-rooted pastoral farming and fishing traditions, plus the with the fusion of French and traditional Basque gastronomy made of this region a paradise for foodies. At the end of my tours, I would be happy to recommend you my favourite restaurants. And if you want further information about Basque food, here is an article that I have loved about Basque Gastronomy.

Traditional Atxoa de Veau. A traditional recipe of the French Basque Country gastronomy.

Yo will find plenty of breath-taking landscapes

Thanks again to its privileged geographical location and its historically low industrialization levels, the French Basque Country remained a natural paradise of evergreen mountain landscapes, dramatic rocky coasts of intricate cliffs, delightful beaches and coastal hideouts to enjoy stunning sunsets with a glass of Irouleguy wine.

Sunset at Anglet. Basque Coast.

Not too cold, not too warm

The French Basque Country weather its unique. Ok, its rains often but due to this fact the landscapes are so intensely green. And in exchange, you will enjoy pleasant temperatures all year round, with mild (and sometimes warm) winters, and not too warm summers. And we have no lack of sunny days!

Weather in the French Basque Country

You will fall in love with its traditional architecture

After discovering the French Basque Country one has always the impression of having travelled back in time to a bucolic and unaltered past time tinted in white, green and red colours.

Traditional Basque Arquitecture. La Bastide de Clairence.

Its history will fascinate you

In the border between Spain and France, the French Basque Country have always been a geostrategic area and therefore was constantly affected by the historical vicissitudes of the European continent, including the celebration of the wedding between Louis XIV (the Sun king) and Maria Teresa Habsburg (the Spanish Infanta) in Saint Jean de Luz. And what about the unique history of the Basque People? This is an authentic hot-spot for history lovers. Join one of my tours to discover it!

Views of Bayonne from the ramparts.

You will travel to the roots of the European Continent and discover and ancestral culture

Many experts consider the Basque culture and its language, the Euskera, "indigenous" to the European continent, and during your stay, you can get glimpses of how Europe used to be before receiving Indo-European, Roman and Germanic influences.

Sare. Walking trail views amazing views.

You will feel very far from home

The French Basque Country is so original and unique that even if you are coming from Europe or you are used to travelling the continent, you will feel in a completely different world. You will understand it, for example, when you will enjoy a magic moment of peace and spirituality admiring the Basque funerary steles with the background landscape of the Pyrenees at the church and the cemetery of Itxassou.

The cemetery and the town of Itxassou.

You will disconnect

The French Basque Country a perfect place to disconnect for the rush and stress of our daily life. Just walk out a bit from the most frequented places and you will discover yourself going through charming empty streets, delightful and evergreen natural paths formerly travelled by smugglers, centenary fishing and whaling ports, and stunning coastal paths and beaches of extraordinary beauty.

Relaxing landscape in the French Basque Country

You will not get bored

Some destinations look always the same, but that's not the case of the French Basque Country. In only one day you could join a great walking tour of Saint Jean de Luz with me, visiting the old fishing port and admiring its history and beautiful bay, eat a great "Atxoa de Veau" ( traditional Basque veal stew) in a border mountain village like Sare, spend the afternoon visiting the Gothic Cathedral of Bayonne (UNESCO site) and the Basque Museum, and finish your day enjoying a great cocktail and dinner at sunset in one of the trendy bars of Biarritz or Guetary.

Bayonne's Cathedral. An Unesco World Heritage site. French Basque Country

You will breath fresh and healthy air

¿Would you be able to find a healthier air than the one that results from the combination of the pure air from the Pyrenees with the Ocean Breeze from the Bay of Biscay? That's going to be tough, but I am open to reading other opinions ; )

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